Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cloth Diapering 101

CD (Cloth Diaper) FAQ'sHow do you wash cloth diapers? 
Generally you will first run a cold cycle followed by a hot cycle with soap. If your washer has a soak cycle first soak on cold then run a wash on hot. Using vinegar during your soak or wash cycle will help remove odors. Please see Diaper Jungle's detergent chart for detergent info.

How do you get out the poop?
We get asked this question by almost every new CD user. There is no simple answer and it is a question of personal taste. If you are the hands on type you can by a diaper sprayer that attaches to your toilet plumbing or a shower head and rinse your diapers over the toilet. If you would rather not deal with the mess you can just toss your diapers in a waterproof bag and wash frequently, every day to two days, to keep odors down. When your baby has more solid stools you can just knock the solids into the toilet or diaper genie and wash.

How many diapers do I need?
If you do cloth diapering full time I would recommend 12 diapers. That way you will have some to use when your stash is dirty or in the wash. I generally have a few more than 12 so that I can keep some in the diaper bag in case I run out of clean diapers or to have on the go. I also found this amount useful when we took a 3 day road trip because it was just the right amount to make it from home and back without a wash in between.

Why should I use FuzziBunz?
I really love FuzziBunz because they have snaps. My son is very clever and he could take off the velcro diapers at a very early age. Most of the time he wasn't running around in just diapers but even the short times he was it was very handy to have snaps. The fact that they have such a good fit helps keep messes contained. The quality of fabric used in the fleece lining of FuzziBunz is unparalleled. The fact that the absorbent lining and the outer shell come apart for washing is a big plus. My FuzziBunz are clean every time and the drying time is minimal.


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