Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cloth Diapering Defined ....and stay tuned for the next giveaway coming soon!

Finding the right diaper pail
The first step is to get a pail or hanging diaper tote to store your dirty diapers until wash day which should be every 1-2 days. We recommend FuzziBunz In and Out Mess Free Diaper Bag it is super convenient come wash day and a takes up less space than a diaper pail. Or if you prefer a diaper pail we recommend Thirsties Diaper Pail Liner.Whichever method you choose is personal preference. If you are worried about odors you can shake a little Rockin' Green RG Pail Freshner in the bag or pail with every stinker. It comes in lots of yummy scents like Grape Soda and Cherry Lemonade. After you have a system set up that you like you are set to start cloth diapering.

Choosing the right type of diaper
Next you need to select the type of cloth diaper you wish to use, I hope this chart is helpful in your selection.

Since prefolds are not waterproof you need a diaper cover or wrap over the prefold. You can also use a Snappi Diaper Fastener to secure the
prefold under the diaper cover/wrap to ensure the prefold stays in place.
Pros: Prefolds will stand up to lots of washing, you can send them off to diaper service for washing (just make sure you approve of how they wash them!), very affordable, quick drying. Cons: Less convenient than a pocket or AIO style diaper, requires numerous initial washes to soften and become absorbent (at least 3 before use), prefolds can pill and sometimes it is hard to get a good fit.

Diaper Covers are great because you just one over just about anything and you have yourself a waterproof diapering system. They are inexpensive and you only need 6-8 since you don't change them with every diaper. Pros: Waterproof, comes in snaps or velcro for an easy fit, inexpensive. Cons: Can wear out faster than a AIO or pocket, doesn't always
keep messes in place, can be hard to get a good fit when using a prefold.

Most similar to a disposable diaper since there is no folding or stuffing.You may add a doubler for more absorbency. Pros: Very convenient, waterproof, doesn't require any stuffing or folding.

Cons:Can be difficult to wash and dry since they are so thick, Not super
absorbent unless you add a doubler or soaker, one of the most expensive options.

Fitteds are not waterproof so you will need a diaper cover/wrap over them. They have a nice secure and snug fit. Pros: Very snug and secure fit, easy to secure with snaps or
velcro, generally made of soft cooshy fabrics, no folding.
Cons:Requires a diaper cover/wrap, can take longer to dry than a prefold.

Pocket diapers are like a AIO in the respect that they are self sufficient. A pocket has a waterproof shell and a lining that keeps baby dry. You stuff an absorbent insert inside to catch liquid. Pockets are very absorbent and you can add more than one insert increase absorbency.

Pros: Very absorbent and keeps moisture off babies skin,
waterproof, easy to secure with snaps or velcro, quick drying since diaper shell and insert are separated for washing/drying.
Cons: Pockets need to be stuffed before each use and inset must be removed before wash, outer shell needs to be washed after each use.

Washing Diapers

While everyone has a different washing routine and every washer is a bit different here are some steps to get you started. I recommend washing no more than 12-18 diapers at a time to ensure you diapers come clean and to prevent piling. You will also need to use less detergent when washing your diapers. The amount will depend on your machine and if it is a top or a front loader as front loaders need much less detergent. On average it is 1/4 as much as you would use for a normal load. I recommend and use Rockin' Green and the amount is 1-2 tbs.

Always run cold rinse and then a hot wash. ALWAYS use the highest water level setting for your machine If you don't you will get a nasty amonia smell to your diapers. To trick my HE washer I run cold soak, (sometimes cold rinse if they are really soiled) then hot wash heavy duty or your highest water level setting. The cold soak tricks my washer into thinking the load is heavier and uses more water on the wash cycle. You can also toss a wet towel in with your diapers to trick the HE machines.

Drying Diapers

Your can either line dry your diapers in the sun or dry them in the dryer. Line drying in the sun helps remove stains and brightens your diapers. Drying the in the dryer of course is faster and more convenient. Make sure you follow the specific temperature settings as specified by the manufacturer as each diaper brand can vary.


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