Friday, April 27, 2012

Do YOU do Aplix®

Do YOU do Aplix®?

GRAB ONE!! Aplix Rumaprooz, by Kanga Care, are ON SALE: Buy 4 get 1 FREE - *LIMITED TIME ONLY!*

But Aplix® "sucks"!? Well, I guess you didn't hear...

Hook & Loop diapers have adopted a 'bad rap' in the cloth diaper industry due to a frayed mess that loses its grip and become a useless mess. So, let us ask you this; Have YOU tried a Rumparooz Aplix® One Size Cloth Diaper? Many Rumparooz customers have never even tried the Aplix® style, they have only used the snap version. We worked directly with Aplix® at the headquarters in France, for 18 month, to engineer our exclusive quality of Aplix®. Did you know that? Many cloth diapers sold now a days do not actually use Aplix® brand hook & loop. Rather, the name 'aplix' has become a term for 'hook & loop' rather then a direct reference to the quality of 'Aplix®' brand name products being used in the manufacturing of the diaper. The Aplix® that Kanga Care uses in the Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper and been specifically engineered to our specifications. Kanga Care brand Aplix® will withstand hundreds upon hundreds of hot washes and runs through the drier and the HOOK material will never relax nor lose its grip, the LOOP material will never fuzz and fray up into a useless pile of 'diaper rats nest'. The Rumparooz laundry tabs will never come lose in the wash when secured properly, thus rarely leaving the customer with fuzz to pick out of the hook material. Rumparooz Aplix® cloth diapers are virtually maintenance free and will not fail to be fastened to a baby securely.

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